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高校生のための無料特設教室の総合案内 /高校生のための特設教室設置場所 /高校生のための特設教室カリキュラム情報








  1. 高校生のための特設クラスは、無料で参加することができます。
  2. ご父兄・ご家族の皆さん、学校の先生も是非同伴なさってください。
  3. 高校生特設クラスでは、ご自分で考えた3分程度のスピーチをしていただきます。その際のテーマは自由にお決めください、
  4. 明らかな文法的な誤りや、より適切な表現のためのアドバイスが受けられます。
  5. 時間に余裕があるときは、フリートーキングで自由な会話を実体験なさってください。

厚木クラス:毎月 第2火曜日 7時から(8月の11日から始まります)

小田原クラス:毎月 第2火曜日 7時から(8月の11日から始まります)

神奈川クラス:毎月 第4水曜日 7時から(6月の24日から始まります)

問い合わせ先: 080-2149-6155
Elder Richardson
Elder Ford

Hello I am Elder Richardson 19 years old and from Orem Utah! i am 195 centimeters tall and I love sports and played baseball and basketball in high school. Favorite subject in school was history. I have 6 people in my family and out of four children I am the youngest. I love my family. I have lived in Japan for 8 months. I'm excited to work with you!!!!!

My name is Elder Ford.
I am 19 years old. I lived in Ohio before I came to Japan. I have
lived in America, Japan, and Germany. I came to Japan after graduating high school. I ran track and field and cross country in high school. I love to go hiking and to explore. I also like to draw. I love milkshakes and polar bears.

鎌倉クラス : 毎月 第4水曜日 7時から (6月の24日から始まります)

問い合わせ先: 070-2165-2313
Sister Johannson
Sister Hotu

Hi! I'm Sister Hotu. I was born in New Zealand. My family live in Australia. And I like reading, writing, singing, and Japan! Good luck!

Hi, I'm Sister Johansson. I'm from Melbourne, Australia. The things I enjoy are being with family and friends outdoors and listening to hymns. I look forward to meeting you.


問い合わせ先: 080-9042-2365
Elder Shurilla
Elder Maurer

Hello! Please call me Elder Shurilla. I am from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I like to write music, run, and play with electronics. I am the youngest of one older sister and two older brothers. I love my family very much! My favorite food yakiniku, tamago mushipan, and pizza!

Hey! My name is Elder Maurer. I'm from Brisbane Australia. I love to hike, do water sports and hang out with family and friends. I am the oldest of 4 children. I love Japanese food and Japanese culture!

川崎クラス:毎月 第2金曜日 7時から(6月の12日から始まります)

問い合わせ先: 070-2193-2251
Elder Masaki
Elder Scott

Hi I'm Elder Masaki, I'm from Hawaii. I'm 19 years old. My hobbies are playing sports, inparticly basketball, and golf. I also love going to the beach.

Hi I'm Elder Scott. Right now I'm a volunteer in Japan. I was born in Miyagi ken, Sendai. I am half Japanese but was raised in America. I love having fun and I'm super competitive.

港北クラス:毎月 第3火曜日 7時から(6月の16日から始まります)

問い合わせ先: 080-2149-6154
Elder Peck
Elder Dana

Hi my name is Elder Peck. I'm 19 and am from Utah in the United States. I love sports, speaking, debating and music. I look forward to working with you!

Hi my name is Elder Dana. I'm 19 and originally from the San Francisco area. But my family lives in Utah right now. I like to drive, listen to music and I love the beach and being in nature.

湘南クラス:毎月 第2火曜日 7時から(8月の11日から始まります)

藤沢クラス:毎月 第2火曜日 7時から(8月の11日から始まります)

大和クラス : 毎月 第1水曜日 7時から (7月の1日から始まります)

問い合わせ先: 080-2149-6162

Elder Van Dyken
Elder Wolfley

Hello, my name is Elder Van Dyken and I am from Australia, I am 22 years old. I like to ride motorcycles and play sports like basketball, rugby, boxing, surfing and skateboarding. I also like to play guitar and go to the beach and talk with girls. And I'm a Mormon.

Hello My name is Elder Wolfley.

I am from Utah in the United States.
I enjoy the outdoors; Riding four wheelers, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc. I also really enjoy doing sports.
There are 6 people in my family and I have 3 younger brothers.
My favorite food is sushi and I love to have fun.




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